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Tigernut Milk

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Tigernut Milk

What tastes like a nut, looks like a tiger but is neither of those things? You guessed it! Antioxidant-rich, antibacterial tiger nuts. Tiger nuts have been known by many names, including yellow nutsedge, chufa and nut grass. In fact, they’re not part of the nut family and are completely safe for people with any sort of nut allergies.

One popular use of tiger nuts is the creation of a sweet, milk-like beverage known as “horchata de chufa,” or in English, "Tigernut Milk". It’s not just a tasty snack or drink ingredient, though. Tiger nuts are also a high-antioxidant food and may help prevent heart disease, making it a handy addition to your pantry.


We offer both retail and wholesale of all our tigernut milk flavours. We understand your needs and we will cater to satisfy the biggest criteria of them all. We also provide options for pickup or delivery. Our prices are unbeatable and we look forward to hearing from you.

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